Friday, October 31, 2008

Rosette Fascinator by Giant Dwarf

Looking for a different sort of bridal headpiece? Take a gander at this gorgeous fascinator by Giant Dwarf on etsy! The colors are so fresh and it's so crafty contemporary. I think the color of #5 (see below) are my favorite, as well as the yellow featured. I would LOVE to see this on a really fun bride in a cocktail or sundress for a summer wedding.

Happy Halloween - Toybreaker Ties

Happy Halloween everyone!

Just featuring a couple of fall/halloweenie ties from Toybreaker on etsy. We'll be getting the skeleton key pattern in gold ink on sage ties (and an ivory one for Jared) for our wedding. I love this raven one though, and we nearly settled on the oak tree pattern below.

Have a good, safe Halloween everyone!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Picture Perfect Moment Six: A Little More Girl Time

I think I'm missing my girlfriends (and the northwest) right now. This photo comes from Red Fish Blue Fish Photography, also in Seattle, Washington. It's so playful and every girl looks gorgeous. And how beautiful are the color of those bridesmaid dresses?

Picture Perfect Moment Five: Some Girl Time

This next moment comes from the lovely people at Brighten Photography in Seattle, Washington. I love how the door in the foreground really makes you feel like your there looking in on this beautiful quiet moment before the wedding begins.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wedding Day Survival Kit

I ran across this on etsy this morning in Robo Girl's shop and it made me start to think of my own survival kit for the big day. I love the way this one is packaged. It includes a little satin bag, emery board, make-up wedges, cotton balls, bandages, safety pins and aspirin.

So what's in your survival kit must have list?

Knitted Shawls by Trendy Knitting

As much as I love my classic pashmina these are quite breath-taking. For any bride having a late summer, fall or winter wedding (really any time of year if it goes into the evening) a necessity is some sort of cover-up for those chilly evening hours. These are not only practical but make quite a statement. Plus they would be beautiful heirloom pieces. Check out Trendy Knitting's shop for TONS more pieces including shrugs as well.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Late Night Special Offer

Good evening everyone! I know this is late, but I hope the message will more than make up for it!

After Georgia of Little Sparrow's Nest and Atelier Sakura saw her garters featured she was kind enough to send me a message and offer my readers free shipping on any item in her two shops. Mention this blog before you purchase to get the discount. The offer will be valid through December 14th.

Check out her shops for not only her beautiful garters, but some adorable purselets, mushrooms and other embroidered goodies that could make lovely gifts to bridesmaids or mothers. Thank's to Georgia for her kind offer! I will hopefully be taking you up on it!

Garters by Little Sparrow Nest

Just when you thought you couldn't find a garter that was unique, vintage and special I bring you these beauties. Last night I was browsing etsy when I found myself exploring Little Sparrows Nest. These eyelet garters are hand embroidered and laced with satin ribbon to match your color scheme. As much as I love my garter, these are actually making me re-think mine. If only I could justify spending another $24. 50 on a garter. We'll see, I'll let you know if I end up picking one up. These are so special and would make such beautiful heirlooms. Perhaps I'll use the one I have as a tossing garter and keep one of these are a keepsake. Hmmm...

Monday, October 27, 2008

New Candle Sticks from CB2

I just got my new catalogue from CB2 and on the cover they featured these beautiful hand blown candle glass sticks. I think these would make the most stunning simple winter centerpieces. The have a silver set as well as a clear set and both are very affordable. Depending on the candle and if other things are incorporated into the centerpieces these could go from very clean and modern to extremely glamorous. Not to mention, a centerpiece that looks beautiful in your home afterward? Yes please!

Picture Perfect Moment Four: The Time has Come

Here is another moment from Pelaez Photography in Vancouver. You can really almost feel the anticipation. This picture has such amazing depth. All the action in the background and the still ticking clock in the foreground is such a beautiful statement.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Picture Perfect Moment Three: A Wedding Gift

Note to all grooms out there. It may seem silly, but before the ceremony, before you see you bride send over a note and a little trinket t0 your bride (your best man or the maid of honor can deliver it). It is a great way to tell her how much you love her one more time and ease any nerves she may be feeling.

This beautiful shot was captured by Pelaez Photography in Vancouver. They always do such a beautiful job with coloring and contrast.

Jared's Birthday Present.

I just wanted to share another piece from Goose Grease on etsy. I featured her custom cake toppers a while ago and fell so much in love with them I ordered a custom set of mini-dolls for Jared's birthday. A little ninja boy and a little pirate girl with long light brown hair and bangs. I still want a custom cake topper set from her for our second reception, but we'll see.

Happy Birthday Jared. I couldn't post these until you saw them yourself. Told you I wouldn't spoil the surprise!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Picture Perfect Moment Two: Here Comes the Bride

Here is another lovely moment, this one captured by Kitty Maer of Maer Studio in Columbus, Ohio. For those of us who are planning on seeing out groom before the wedding for pictures (I'll be waiting until I come down the aisle) here is a new twist. If the bridesmaid hiding his eyes was a sister or very close friend it's a lovely sentiment and honor to reveal the bride for the first time to her groom. The composition and coloring of the photo is also gorgeous.

Pumps on SALE at is having a HUGE sale on pumps! It's the perfect opportunity to snag a pair of cute shoes for you or your bridesmaids! Also, most of these qualify for supersaver shipping and returns are easy. Here are a few of my favorites.

Venice pumps in natural canvas and gold by MIA. $29.48

Jelissa Pumps in gold by Guess. $56.24 from $98.95

Jojus D'orsay Pumps by Nine West in bronze reptile. $15.99 from $79.95

Chili D'orsay Peep Toe Pumps by Franco Sarto in Lemon. $39.98 from $79.95

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Picture Perfect Moment One: A Walk in My Shoes

I figured I would start a little series I will add to everyonce in awhile. I call these "Picture Perfect Moments". I guess they are sort of my "must have list" for your wedding day photography. Little moments I think should be put on film forever. So here we go in the first of these...

If you haven't yet figured this out, I'm really detail oriented. I think the details of an event (or space, if we're talking about my professional life) are what make it special. A growing trend for brides is to forgo the boring white, practical pumps and choose a shoe that reflects your personal style and injects some more personality into your ensemble.

As part of your must have photo list make sure you have your photographer capture the details of your dress and your accessories, particularly your shoes. It's almost poetic, the shoes you wear to take such an important step in your relationship.

These were taken by our photographer Christina Gilchrist out of Portland. I love the composition and think they really capture that quiet moment before the bride puts on her shoes, the finishing touch on her ensemble. Also, the landscape in the background of the first photo really puts it in a time and place. Not to mention the shoes are adorable!

So sorry...

I just wanted to apologize really quick for the lack of posts and late posts this week. I'm dealing with a bit of a family medical emergency at the moment so things are a bit stressful. I'll try and keep posting at least once a day if possible. Please keep thinking positive thoughts for my family if you can.

Thanks as always,
Lindsey Lu

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

More from Bel Canto

Just a few more pieces from Bel Canto. I think her hair combs are just exquisite. Check out her shop for more beautiful pieces.

My Bracelet - From Bel Canto

My bracelet just came in and I couldn't be more happy! I saw it on Style Me Pretty's blog and immediately fell in love with it. My mom was kind enough to buy it for me as an early shower gift (along with some earrings that are on their way, I'll be sure to show you those when they come in). If you are looking for pieces with a vintage feel you should check out Bel Canto's shop on etsy. Mari does a beautiful job re-working vintage pieces into new jewelry. Mine is a vintage Trifari gold and faux pearl brooch. I can't wait to see it with my dress! AND it's going to be my 'Something Old'!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Recycled Poppies by Foundlings

I've been a huge fan of the work at Foundling's for a while now and I'm just finally getting around to featuring them. These little poppies (which could also look like ranunculus in my opinion) are just so dear and are made of repurposed vintage fabrics. I think the would be a perfect little gift for a flowergirl or bridesmaid, or even a quiet simple bridal piece. Check out their shop for more repurposed goodies.

Sprry for the lull in posts. I had a huge event to run this weekend and have been recovering. I'll be posting some personal posts soon regarding my wedding as well as my halloween costume (which is nearly finished!).

Friday, October 17, 2008

Freeze Dried Petals from Fly Boy Naturals

For awhile now I've been considering these for our wedding. I found Fly Boy Naturals when I was doing research for hydrangea petals. They carry rose, peony, hydrangea and some lilac petals all freeze dried. Since they are natural they still break down (instead of confetti or silk petals) and don't leave an impact on an outdoor space. They've been featured in a variety of bridal magazines as well as the today show and carry a variety of color and price options. I love the blue and green hydrangea petals.

I may get some for our guests to toss after the ceremony. I'll need to do a bit more research still though. If anyone has used freeze dried petals or have any more info on them, I'd love to learn more!

Bridal Brooches

( Photograph above from Lux Photographics.)

I think the right vintage brooch can really take a beautiful dress and make it stunning. It's a way to make the dress uniquely yours and is an accessory that is highly overlooked by brides. It can be a wonderful way to get your "something old" in there and even incorporate an heirloom piece from a grandmother or other family member. Brooches are beautiful as part of a sash detail (like above), centered under the bust line or even off-center at lapel height.

Here are a few of my favorites from etsy:
This one is so gorgeous and even feels a little modern. It measures 2.5" across and is studded with rhinestones. You can find it at Concrete Vintage.

For a Scottish bride or groom this one would be so special. I love how rugged and organic this one is. It would juxtapose so beautifully with an ultra feminine gown and a bouquet with thistle details. You can find it at Grace, Art and Antiques.

I'm a huge fan of mixed media jewelry! And this is such a dear little thing! At two inches in diameter it's pretty sizable, but the design is so soft. At $6 this piece from Koup is a steal!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Project Runway Spoiler...

Congratulations Leanne! I've been rooting for her from the VERY beginning (my Portland hometown hero!) and there is no doubt she was by far the winner! I'm so happy for her and can't wait to see what she has in store for us. Hopefully it will include at least a few more beautiful bridal gowns and bridesmaid dresses! Congrats Leanne! You earned it!

Gowns by Stephanie Madesh

I've been a big fan of Stephanie's gorgeous gowns for awhile now. She's now back on etsy an taking orders again. This gorgeous silk taffeta gown is my very favorite. She creates it just for you and would be gorgeous in ivory or white for a more bridal look (although the black is so dramatic!). It would also be so flattering on a variety of body shapes. Plus, a custom gown for well under $1000? Yes please! Check out more of her gowns at her etsy store.

PS: There is going to be a Project Runway Spoiler at 3:00 today... if you haven't watched it yet, you have been warned...

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wraps by Pretty Raccoon

Etsy is currently featuring this fabulous seller who screen prints on American Apparel jersey scarves. Pretty Raccoon has a number of ready to ship scarves and also a custom listing where you pick your color and image (see images below). These could be great for a casual or modern wedding for the bridesmaids or as just a fabulous bridesmaid gift. I'm considering getting some as a gift for my ladies. I love the graphics they offer! And as always, the price is great, only $22 each!