Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New Blog Space.

Hello all.

I have finally made the jump to a new blog space. I do hope you will all follow me over here where I will begin posting today! This is something I have been meaning to do for some time and I finally found the time this week.

I have lots of new post in store and of course lots of adventures with my new husband and our menagerie of pets so please take a second to add my new blog to your feed or blog roll so you can see what I have in store.

Thanks as always,

Thursday, March 25, 2010

I can't get enough of: Vintage Cocktail Rings

Lately on my weekend treasure hunts I have been completely drawn to vintage cocktail rings. Rhinestone cluster rings are my favorite. The Sarah Coventry Aurora Borealis ring on the right is such a treasure. They are so sparkly and make me want to go on the town Madmen style.

Here are a couple more. Anything big, sparkely and/or colorful and I have to bring it home.

Also, I love this necklace. Enamel, forest lichen and white? Ag! It's so beautiful! Check out my other vintage accessories. More are listed at the beginning of each week.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New Spring Polish Color

I've been looking for a new color for my nails. I've never been one for super bright nails or classic red. I usually stick to neutrals and light pinks. For spring and summer I have been craving something different though. Putty seems to be the new "it" color for polish so I went on a hunt for the right shade for me. After perusing a lot of silvers and greys at Target I finally found "Steel Grey" by Rimmel London. It's really not so much a steel or grey, it's more of a warm putty or mushroom and even looks a little dusty lilac in some light.

Since I'm kind of pale right now but it is still pretty flattering and doesn't wash me out. I think it will look even better when I get some color on my feet. What I really love about the color though is that it is interesting but not over powering and will look with just about any outfit. I can't wait to wear it on my toes with some peep toes or sandals.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Estate Sale Treasures - Part Five

Well, this isn't an estate sale find this time, we actually found this on our local craig's list. I was perusing the antiques section and as soon as I laid eyes on this vintage filing cabinet I knew we had to make it ours. It was a little on the pricier side for our purchases, but it's a huge piece (over 6' tall!) and is in really lovely condition.

Some of the drawers need to be forced open and I still need to clean it all out. I put new cardstock in the labels though I think we might tea stain the paper or somehow make it a little softer and then once it finds a permanent home and use I will use my typewriter to label the drawers.

Also, note the lamp on top. That was also an estate sale find I'm still debating on what to do with. I wish it were white (anyone know how to paint glazed ceramic?) and I need to find a nice shade for it.

Monday, March 1, 2010

My newest venture - Outrageous Dog

Some of you have been wondering where I have been lately and this mysterious new venture I keep mentioning. As the official website launch is less than a month out now I feel like it's time to give you a sneak peek. My aunt and a good friend of hers have started a new business specializing in wearable art for dogs that are so pretty, you'll want to borrow them. They invited me on board and for over a month now we have been busy bees working on prototypes, nailing our market down and starting to establish our web presence. Tomorrow I will be off to Michigan for 5 days of sewing, brain storming and on Saturday to network at a dog show.

Along with a ready-made line of bridal, puppy and other specialty collars we will be holding Signature Sunday sales that feature one of a kind luxury collars like the one pictured here (featuring high quality hand-cut and sculpted flowers, guinea fowl feathers, mustard deer skin leather and velvet ribbon).

I'll have more photos and links to the official website when it launches at the beginning of April. Check back for more updates and pretty collars!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Desk Chair Project - Part Two

Remember that chair I got at the estate sale for $2 I was working on re-upholstering? Well I have the bottom cushion finished after I took it apart and re-padded it (which was messier than I ever expected since the original cushion had completely disintegrated). I just pinned some fabric to the seat back for the photos, so I plan on centering that pattern better when I finished it.

I love the way it's looking! The wood on the base might need a little bit of attention, but once the back is finished I think it will be gorgeous!

PS: Still loving my Sea Pinks pumpkin pincushion. Thanks Jenny!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

"Greetings" from lace-land!

I've been busy busy busy with a new project I will be happy to announce once things are a bit more ironed out. I will tell you I find myself swimming in a sea of lace, pearls and fabric these days. Today I set out to make a mountain for lace rosettes and spread out in the kitchen. It all looked so pretty I had to stop and take some photos.

Don't mind my Sweethearts (they were on sale yesterday), palm and laptop. A girl has got to stay in touch and have something sweet to snack on while she works, right? Here are a couple more...

Monday, February 15, 2010

Time to make something for myself.

I snagged a yard of this Joel Dewberry wood grain fabric in chartreuse when I saw it on sale. I have had my eye on it for awhile and was picking up a few things for work so I threw it in the basket (not on the company's tab of course). Not sure what I'm going to make with it yet. Any ideas?

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Look what I got for Valentines Day...

My wonderful, one-of-a-kind husband outdid himself this year. After we discovered this squirrel pair in Sleepy King's shop awhile back he came back to my favorites and snapped up a pair before they were gone. Their names are Bon-Bon and Belchick and they now live on our bed when we're not in it. I love them.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Vintage Brass Letterpress Necklace by GwenDelicious

Just got my vintage letterpress necklace in brass from GwenDelicious after seeing them in the voter. Not only did it get here in no time at all, but it is so gorgeous! It's the first thing I own with my new initials (not to mention LF can ALSO stand for Lost & Fawned).

Check out the rest of the beautiful pieces over at her shop.

Hearts for Haiti Picks

About once a day I like to go through the new handmade items listed on Hearts for Haiti. There are SO many gorgeous pieces and SO many new items listed everyday it's hard to not give. All proceeds from donated items go to Doctors Without Borders and the shop has raised $29,237.80 (after fees) as of yesterday!

They still have plenty of amazing items left and are still taking donations. So if you have some time or need to pick up a gift for someone, go on over to HeartsforHaiti and peruse the items. Bonus: all the artists have donated free shipping as well!

Here are my top picks from the current listings:

Monday, February 8, 2010

New Shoe Love.

After the tip off from the ever fashionable Myra Callan of Twigs & Honey that Swank Boutique had marked all their Seychelles 50% off I quickly ran over and treated myself to a gorgeous pair of teal "Tippy Toes". They just got here today (SUPER FAST and free shipping!) and they are so beautiful and fit like a glove (or a sock I guess).

Seychelles are totally my go to shoe these days. I know they will fit, they look great and are withing my price range (especially on sale). I have been walking past the Target shoe section and saving my dough for pairs of these instead. I wore a pair of their seafoam green "Thank You Notes" for our wedding reception last summer.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Old Standbys - Bar Keepers Friend

Jared and I received a set of beautiful stainless pots and pans a year or so ago for Christmas from his parents. We were living with a roommate at the time so until recently they have been packed up in a box. I love cooking with them and they are so nice to look at. When I had trouble getting them clean and shiny I asked my Grandmother about it and she went to the cupboard and pulled out a gold can of Bar Keepers Friend.

I must have been living under a rock for my 22 years since I had never heard of it. Now I can't live without it. It's been keeping my Grandma's stainless steels pots and pans shiny and beautiful for about 40 years now and has been a staple in kitchen cupboards since 1882. If you don't have a can under your sink right now you ought to go out and grab one as it cleans just about anything (and I do mean CLEAN).

Friday, January 29, 2010

No. 4711

After reminiscing with my mom about my Granny's (Great Grandma who immigrated from Germany when she was a teenager) perfume my mom surprised me by sending a bottle of it to me for valentines day. I always remember her glass bottle of No. 4711 being so pretty. It's a very light scent and has clean citrus notes to it. As soon as I got the beautiful bottle in the mail I opened it and took a big whiff. Not only does it bring back so many memories but I love it! It's not overwhelmingly floral or too strong. It's a little fruity (Jared likes fruit smells). And it just smells clean and fresh.

I think I have a new signature scent borrowed from my Granny's good taste. Thanks mom!

Valentines Day is on it's way.

Valentines day is quickly approaching and I know it's pretty cool these days to have a cynical view of the commercial greeting card holiday, but I don't care. I love valentines day. Our 6 month anniversary since the wedding is the day after Valentines this year and we plan on going out that night to celebrate in order to avoid the crowd. I think it's fun to pick out a valentine and I got something small, cute and cheesy for Jared this year (I don't even know if he's going to like it but I think it's fun).

What are you doing to celebrate?

Thursday, January 28, 2010

New Skirt Love.

Bought a new skirt (and gold belt) with my 30% clearance items coupon from JCrew.com and it just got here today. I loooooove my new tortoise shell watercolor silk/wool pencil skirt with it's beautiful pleated front. I wish I had a reason to wear it all the time. I can't wait to have an office job so I can. I also picked up a denim pencil skirt and crisp white button down (since I didn't have one).

Red Raven Studios - Jewelry for Haiti Relief

After seeing them in an etsy feature about shops selling for Haiti relief I fell in love with Red Raven Studio's porcelain earrings. Amy selects the most gorgeous vintage ceramic decals and artfully fires time to crisp white porcelain to create beautiful earrings, brooches, pendants and buttons. Every piece is a little different and until the 31st 100% (that's right! ONE HUNDRED PERCENT) of the proceeds from her etsy shop will go directly to UNICEF's Haiti Relief Fund.

This morning I picked up the In Flight earrings pictured above for myself. She has so many gorgeous sets though it was hard to choose. Here are some others I was considering (and may have to go back for eventually).

Stop by her etsy shop before the 31st and help her raise money for Haiti relief (and treat yourself to something pretty at the same time).

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Rune Guneriussen

Just a quick artist feature today. I happened upon the work of the Norwegian photographer Rune Guneriussen today and had to share. I love his photographs of telephones, chairs and especially lamps out in natural settings. There is a certain stillness to them that really speaks to me. Check out his website for more photos.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Estate Sale Treasures - Part Four

Forgot one last thing I picked up last weekend at the estate sale. I had my first successful try at haggling and landed this pair of brass deer for under $10. They are pretty big, about 11 inches to their ears. The doe is a little wonky since one leg is a little shorter than the rest, but a little ball of epoxy under one foot should fix that. I haven't found a good spot for them yet. I wish I had a fireplace. The would be lovely on the hearth.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Finally got the pictures up in my studio.

Took an hour or so getting the pictures up on the wall above my desk. Got the two paintings and baroque mirror at estate sales. Also snagged that vintage photo at a thrift store and put up a photo from our wedding reception my brother in law took during the beach bonfire (my dress smells a little smokey to this day). Also put up my linen calender after I threw a hem around the edges. Didn't take a lot of time but it really goes a long way in making the room feel more like a room.

Currently I'm working on a pillow sham for our sofa made of felt and one of my granny's vintage doilies. It's nice to take a day getting all the projects done I have been meaning to do for ages. More progress photos tomorrow.

DIY - Vintage Plate Wall Clock

I finally got around to finishing some projects up today that I've been wanting to do for awhile. A couple years ago I got this vintage plate at a thrift store for 30 cents. I loved the folk inspired farm scene and lovely yellow color. I used it to hold keys in my dorm and decided I wanted to find a more useful purpose for it.

I got out my handy Dremmel and bought a ceramic and glass drill bit for it at Lowes for a couple dollars. Picked up a clock motion at Walmart for $6 and once I found the center of the plate it just took a few minutes of drilling and screwing the motion into place and voila! I have a wall clock! Here are a couple more photos:

If you have any questions regarding this project, feel free to post them and I would be happy to update with the answers.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Desk Chair Project - Part One

So I'm starting my journey on my first real upholstery project. In the past I have recovered chair cushions, simple new padding, cover and staple projects. This time I decided to try something a little more advance. I'm getting a pile of books out of the library and I think the office chair I got from the estate sale will be the perfect simple job to practice on.

This morning I bought yardage of Amy Bulter's Primrose in grey from her Nigella line (which is a medium weight decor fabric) and I'm waiting for a good sale to buy padding from Joanne's. I think the fabric will look really beautiful with the wood base and seat back.

I'm pretty excited. I hope it works out and I have a feeling it will take awhile to finish (I'll wait weeks for the right price on the padding) but I'll keep you posted on the progress. Anyone out there do any upholstering? Share you tips and projects!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Estate Sale Treasures - Part Three

This next treasure I almost missed! It was in the garage and had a pile of tins stacked on top of it. The stencil on the inside is dated 1943 and it's a military (most likely Ammo) trunk. There are a couple partitions on the inside and at only $7 it's been added to our vintage trunk collection. I don't know where we are going to put it yet, but for now it's in the dining room corner.

One more set this afternoon! I told you we found a lot of stuff.

Estate Sale Treasures - Part Two

The next piece we found was Jared's discovery. Within the year he will hopefully be working from home and we're slowly buying pieces to build him an amazing home office. We found this fire-proof vintage filing cabinet for $35 and though it took a couple minutes to figure out how to open in (I wish I could show you the mechanics of how the drawers work) it's a pretty amazing piece. Plus, you can't get a new filing cabinet for under $50 these days and this one is built to last. I love the Telefacts emblem on the front as well.

We also got that drawer organizer on the coffee table in the foreground at the sale this weekend for a $1! It holds our remote control, coasters (from Peppersprouts) and library books and DVD's.

PS: Remember the lamps I got at an estate sale last fall? One is on top of the filing cabinet in the first photo. For now it just has a linen drum shade from walmart on it and it looks infinitely better.

Estate Sale Treasures - Part One

This weekend Jared and I hit up another estate sale on Saturday and got some fantastic deals. I figured I would share them today in a series of posts.

The first one is this amazing office chair. I am currently using a $12 Ikea desk chair that I got in college and is just about on it's last leg. We found Jared's amazing mid-century chrome and orange velor desk chair at an estate sale and have been on the hunt for one for me. We found this one this weekend for (wait for it....) $2! I love the chunky solid wood base and giant screw. It needs to be reupholstered and new padding (which I plan on doing myself) but it's in great condition otherwise. It looks to have been owned by someone named Alice at some point. I think I'll leave the label right where it is.

More estate sale finds coming throughout the day! We really made out well this weekend.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Pomlimoss Treasury

I was honored to discover I'm a part of this gorgeous treasury by Xenotees! I love everything in it and the combo of colors and shapes is so beautifully balanced. If you have a second drop in and give the curator some love!


Treasury Feature - Fit for a Princess

I am fortunate enough to be included in this gorgeous treasury this week. I love these icy shades of princess pink. If you have a second head over to the treasury and leave some love for the artists and wonderful curator TheVintagePatisserie who also has a beautiful shop.

I'm going to try and feature more beautiful treasuries from now on. I've fallen in love with the whole idea and process and I think there are so many gorgeous and inspiring collections.

I'm living in this henley.

I ordered one of these henleys for a friend this Christmas and loved it so much I got one for myself in Asphalt. I'm practically living in it this January. I have my eye on some of the Blonde Peacock's cami and panty sets well. They came beautifully packaged and the print is so pretty. It's the perfect "cozy in the house" shirt with a pair of jeans or even just some yoga pants.

My new Rosetung Cowl

Today is the last day of the winter break sale at Rosetung's beautiful shop. I bought this gorgeous virgin wool cowl in pebble and I am in love. It is the warmest, most gorgeous cowl I've ever seen. I wear it around the house when I want to feel cozy and in the middle of this miserable Ohio winter it has kept my neck toasty warm when I run to the post office.

Additionally, she is so sweet and helpful. Help her clear out her stash before she has to travel back to school and buy one of her beautiful cowls! Check out her etsy store for all the amazing deals.