Monday, October 6, 2008

Grace & Tom - Two

They're gorgeous location made for many beautiful photo opportunities.
"Discovering the park (Inniswood Metropark) was a lucky turn of events. I happened to check's Columbus board one day (even though I rarely do) and I saw a topic on Columbus wedding locations in which someone had mentioned Inniswood. I popped over to Flickr and did a keyword search to look the park over, and I was instantly smitten. When the weather grew warmer, Tom and I drove there to see it in person, and we were BOTH convinced that this was *the* spot to get married. I am extremely thankful to the Inniswood Garden Society for providing such a breathtakingly beautiful location for the Columbus, Ohio of charge. Such generosity is rare anymore."

Grace's feet and Tom's shoes were coated in yellow pollen after it was all over. I think this shot is so adorable. Her bouquet was made by Tom's talented sister.

They leave for their honeymoon today at at Herreshoff Castle in the Boston/North shore area. How fitting. They will also be having a low-key party to celebrate their wedding with friends and family around Halloween where they are asking guests to come as a romantic character or couple.

Good luck to you both and have a fantastic time of the honeymoon!

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