Friday, May 29, 2009

New Lost & Fawned Pieces

Started re-stocking my shopfront. Here are a few of my new pieces for 2009. Above are my Jill Earrings in white a gold, a simple bridal earring at a reasonable price. These also come in silver and antiqued brass and I do them in custom colors for bridal parties.

Next is my Rose Marie Locket which I just finished and love. It could be a lovely bridal piece or a beautiful flower girl gift (on a shorter chain). Could also be made into a bouquet locket and then put on a chain afterward as a keepsake from the wedding.

Lastly my new Annabelle Earrings for a bold bride or bridesmaid. I can't get enough yellow these days and I paired it with pink quartz and gold for summer.

As always, I love working on custom orders, so if you are interested in any of these pieces or do something uniquely you, please send me a convo on etsy. Stay tuned, sometime next week we'll have our first lost and fawned giveaway!

My Accessories

Our invitations aren't QUITE ready, but should be by early next week. So instead here are my other accessories (other than my earrings and bracelet which I've already posted).

Back when I purchased my Myra Kim Twigs and Honey pieces, they weren't in quite as high demand as they are today and I'm VERY grateful I purchased them when I did and as three separate pieces as I wasn't sure exactly what I planned to do with my hair. I'll be wearing two of these pieces tucked into the back of my hair so they are very subtle and saving one for my second reception.

My shoes were purchased a few months after I selected my dress and will look so lovely peeking out of the bottom on the beach. I knew I wanted something flat (I have enough trouble not falling on my face on a daily bases, let alone on a beach with heals) and gold and when I saw these on I snapped them up right away. They are by Poetic License.Hopefully I will have more to show you later this afternoon. All my other accessories are under wraps until the big day (so Jared can't see them). If something comes in the mail today though I'll have to share this afternoon. We'll see!

Happy friday!
Lindsey Lu

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sneak Peek at La Petite Chaimiere and a Discount

Next week I'll be featuring the upcoming artist behind La Petite Chaimiere and her gorgeous hair adornments! For now she is offering FREE shipping today on any of her hair accessories! Check out her etsy store for details!

My Groom's Look

We finally ordered Jared's suit for the wedding. We knew from the beginning even though it was beach wedding he was going to wear a suit. And we knew that a black suit wasn't quite right for the feeling of our wedding. So we started hunting for a rentable suit in tan. The hiccup came when we finally found one, the smallest size they carried in pants was a 32 waist. Of course those had the horrible adjustable waist and he and his brothers would have all ended up looking ridiculous (add the fact the fit to the broadest measurement on the jacket and his broad shoulders would have caused him to be swimming in his jacket). So we decided to purchase Jared a suit and have the groomsmen wear this alternative.

This week we made a point to order Jared's suit only to find the original one we wanted was on back order until 4 days before the wedding. We were going to settle with a alternative fitting pant when I checked JCrew's sale section and found this suit. The Irish Linen Aldridge 3-button suit Jacket with the Suit Vest and Classic Fit Suit Pant, all on sale! To top it all off we had found a 20% coupon and saved even more. Jared is so happy that it's a 3-piece suit (he looks great in a vest) and I know he'll be happy with the extremely breathable linen in August. We'll have to make sure it's nicely pressed (as linen does wrinkle) but I think it was the right decision.

Now to find a good tailor and a nice crisp white shirt.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Custom Bouquet Lockets - Lost & Fawned has returned

Time for a shameless plug... Since school is out, I've started selling on etsy again, which means my custom bouquet lockets are also back in stock! I started making these last summer and they became so popular I had to stop making them during the school year in order to make time for school work.

These lockets are lovely made to your specifications and feature your choice of charms and crystal colors so it suits the couple and wedding perfectly. They are secured to either a wire or now a ribbon which is wrapped around the handle of the bouquet. Brides have used it to hold a photo of a loved one who cannot be there, their parent's wedding photos, a wedding monogram or a picture of their groom.

I have only one (maybe two) of the beautiful white gold plated lockets left but have many of the gorgeous antique brass lockets. If you are interested, please visit my etsy store Lost & Fawned for more information and pricing. I would love to do one of these for you or a soon to be bride.

I also do bridesmaid and bridal jewelry. I have lots of options available and love to work with brides to come up with something special just for them. I have a very wide range of prices and discount for bulk orders. Below are my Jill Earrings that come in just about any color imaginable. Visit my store for more options and pricing.

So there we have it. Back to your regular scheduled wedding planning! Have a fantastic summer day guys! And happy planning!

Dress up the Dog (In a Tasteful Way)

Dogs truly are one of the family, especially for young couples. So including them in the wedding day is not uncommon. But one of the biggest crimes against dogs and weddings is the tiny tuxedo/white dress. I think a dog as part of the day, whether in the wedding or just present can add a very personal touch and even some humor. Dressing the dog too can be done tastefully with fresh flowers or just a big bow in a coordinating pattern.

(Photo by MERGE Weddings.)

(Photo by Tanja Lippert Photography)

(Photo by Todd Pellowe)

Hopefully our newest family member will be able to make it to the wedding. Meet Logan, our 14 week old Border Collie/Lab Mix we rescued a few weeks ago. I hope he can be at the wedding and if he does, I promise he will look tasteful. No tiny dog tuxedos (besides the one he already has on).
(Photo by Lindsey Lu)

Photo Backdrop at the Reception

(Photo from Martha Stewart Weddings.)

As much as we would have liked to rent a photo booth, it just wasn't cost effective to get one out to the coast. I've admired this idea from a beautiful wedding featured on Martha Stewart's site for quite some time and finally decided on doing our own version of this.

Instead of the gorgeous Marimeko fabric featured in the photo above we are using this pattern from Amy Butler's Midwestern Modern 2 collection. We plan on hanging the fabric in one corner of the yard and will be asking my younger brother (who is a photography student) if he would be willing to hang out around the "photo booth" at least durring cocktail hour and take portraits of our guests.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Napkins (Yes, a whole post about napkins)

Being about 80 days out I am finally able to really get into the tiny details of the big day. Recently it came up I hadn't really considered napkins for the reception and I had to make the decision of paper vs. rented napkins. Neither of which really appealed to me. I didn't like the rentable polyester napkins in the generic color choices (they were all so dated, I probably would have just gone with white) and paper napkins were just... meh. Attempting to jazz up the paper napkins I was going to get some printed with our monogram and they were getting mighty pricey for something people were going to throw out.

SO when I went to finalize rentals, my mom brought up making my own napkins. I brushed it off at the time wondering when I would have the time to do that and not being able to justify the cost but last week I started pricing renting vs. buying paper napkins again and t relized both were going to be almost as expensive as making them.

So long story short, I spent all weekend perusing etsy's memorial day sales and managed to get a bunch of Amy Butler (Woot! Fellow CCAD Alumni and SUPER talented designer!!) prints for a resonable price. I'll be cutting them and either shipping them off to a seamstress to be finished off with a 1/4 inch rolled hem or doing it myself (with the help of Jared's mother). I think they will add so much color and texture to our tables. Hopefully people will take them home but what they don't I'll either quilt, sell or keep as a setting for our table at home.

Here is a sampling of a few of the 14 patterns we got...

Our Wedding Week

This week marks the 80 day countdown and I have gotten quite a bit accomplished since I have been out of school and am feeling more rested after my thesis, graduation and moving. All the vendors are book and now my attentions are turned to the little details. I have a lot to share so this week will be filled with updates from our own wedding. Next week will be back to business with regular postings.

Updates include:
-Photo Backdrop
-Jared's Suit
-Invitations (hopefully)
-And other details

Also, the ever talented Renee of UglyKitty Invitations (who is doing out invites) has gotten engaged and has started her own wedding blog! Be sure to check out Weddings & Cookies for updates one her upcoming nuptials.

Lots of Love,
Lindsey Lu

Monday, May 25, 2009

Our Inspiration Boards

I was just going through old posts today and it dawned on me, I don't think I've ever shared our inspiration boards on here. I have a whole series of inspiration boards, starting with the one above that is the most summarized version, with just the most basic textures and details to get the message across, to an extremely large a detailed board that I constantly add to when I have introduced new elements to the wedding (which will not be featured here since it has my dress on it and I know Jared is reading this).

The one below has our color pallet (shades of antique blues, greens and in-betweens, with soft milky brown and gold/brass accents) as well as textures and themes we are including (milk glass, wood grain, hydrangea, lace, etc). Even since I did this one a few things have changed an evolved as they have done over the (holy crap) over two years since we were first engaged. After it's all over I should pull out my original inspiration and compare it to the final event.

What do your inspiration board look like?

Friday, May 22, 2009

Lingerie by Anastasia Jamin

"OHMYGOSHSOPRETTY" was all I could say when I saw this bridal thong by Anastasia Jamin on etsy. It may not be super functional, but for a wedding night or honeymoon piece it's just beautiful. This beautiful little number can be found here.

Check out her shop for some more functional bridal pieces as well.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Bonzie Bridal on Etsy

I've been eying Bonzie's etsy store for ages now and I just adore their deconstructed Victorian aesthetic. I was so pleased to see them as the recent featured artist and I just had to finally do a feature post. Ever since I saw the Fallen Angel Bolero (seen above) I have be DYING to see a real bride in it. I think it is so soft an dramatic and would give the right dress a very special and couture edge. And for a handmade garment, made to fit you that is this high fashion the prices are outstanding. I love all the ruffles, lace, pleated details and tulle. Each piece is so special and gorgeous and each has it's own character and story.

But of course they are not just for brides (And who says a bride has to wear white anyway?). Their colored pieces would be to die for on any occasion. They have some gorgeous jewel-toned boleros, scarfs, corsets and skirts that I would kill for.

Check out their blog, flickr page and shop for more lovely pieces.

Lots of Love,
Lindsey Lu

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Great Shower Gift by Silhouette Blue

I found this adorable print when I was searching through invitations ages ago. I went back and looked around and found that they make it as a frameable print. It's customizable so it would be the most adorable gift from soon-to-be-weds or newly weds. The closet you can come to carving their name on a tree without hurting a tree. It also comes as an invitation suite or custom thank you notes. Find it here at Silhouette Blue's etsy store.

Here are a few more of Silhouette Blue's beautiful work:

New Beginnings & Back to Business - Lost & Fawned

Hi all!

Thesis is finished and I'm now OFFICIALLY a graduate! That's right... I have my BFA in Interior Design with a minor in Art History. I did graduate with honors as well *(toots own horn*).

So with that, it's back to business. Wedding planning has resumed and with only 88 days to go it is in full swing. I'll be ordering the invitations this week as well as Jared's tie (posts on those when they get here). I have lots of things in the works, so certainly stay tuned.

ALSO, if (for some reason) you can't get enough of me please check out my other blog project where I cover everything else non-wedding related...

Lost & Fawned

So stick around! Back to regular posting soon! Lot's of love!