Friday, October 10, 2008

Tag! I'm it!

Well, I've been tagged! The lovely Kat over at Aevan Arts, who I'm doing an inspiration board for tagged me. I know I'm supposed to tag 7 other people, but I'm fairly new at this so I don't have anyone to tag. Haha. Anyways... here are my 7 facts anyways...

1. The reason we have so many birdie details in our wedding isn't just because we love them (or because they are trendy). My new last name will be Fowler ('Fowl' meaning bird) and we have a flock of finches! We have 3 chicks right now!

2. I'm a huge design nerd (I could even be classified as a design snob at times if you ask my future husband). Eames molded plywood chairs get me all hot and bothered.

3. I was a 5 time varsity letterman in high school. 3 times in cross country, 1 time in thespians (I was a national honorary thespian, 1235 hours in service on stage and off) and 1 time in choir (I was in chamber choir, women's choir, concert choir and swing choir).

4. I collect old dollar books from the library. There is just something about reading classics of old yellowing pages that really feels special.

5. I'm a huge Jane Austin fan. I'm working on my Elizabeth Bennet costume as we speak.

6. Berryblossom White tea from Tazo (which is made in my home town) is my favorite.

7. My favorite bands are The Decemberists, The Shins, Coldwar Kids, Radiohead, Hellogoodbye, Iron & Wine and Kings of Convenience.

So there you have it. My 7 facts. Hope you enjoyed. And thanks for the tag Kat! Your board will be finished soon!


Aevan Arts said...

haha, I'm totally with you on number 2. I used to work as an interior designer and sometimes when I'm watching TV with my fiance I'll give him price quotes on furniture I recognize...he just stares at me LOL

Lindsey Lu said...

Did you really? Where did you go to school?

This Girl Asia said...

would you mind if I did this little thing? it looks like fun!

also, i'm going to see hellogoodbye on halloween!

Lindsey Lu said...

Go for it!

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