Thursday, October 2, 2008

Joanna & Wyl - Engagement Shoot

Joanna, another bride I'm friend with from various bridal communities and her fiance Wyl and getting married in a mere 9 days. She agreed to let me feature her wedding photos after the big day, but for now I wanted to share their beautiful engagement shoot from last winter.

Here's what Jo had to say about their photographer Scott Nava of Carasco Photography:
He's amazing. He's Chicago-based but he and his lovely wife Cara came up to Madison on a very cold March day to do the engagement shoot. He's so enthusiastic and warm and open for anything - he literally rolled around in the snow to get some shots. Even when we were taking a break, he was clicking shots around the bar we were in because he thought it was neat.

Their wedding is next weekend. Jo summarized their wedding style for us:
Our wedding never had a real theme but words like lush, rich, warm, cozy, saturated, soft, texture, vintage, renaissance, candlelight, flicker, wine, romantic, and sophisticated inspired me. We ended up with mostly burgundies, browns, oranges, and ivories for our colors. We want our guests to feel like we've done our best to make them feel like we're really happy to have them there, and that we've whisked them away to someplace private. Our music is going to be mostly jazz, oldies and 60s soul, to add to the feeling that we're not quite in October 11, 2008.

So good luck to Jo and Wyl! I hope everything goes smoothly and I can't wait to hear all about it and see the photos! Stick around to see their wedding details.


Anonymous said...

Wow those photos are gorgeous! I can't wait to see more. :)

uisinger said...

Hi, Lindsey! As always, your eye picked out the best of our shots and put them together wonderfully. Thanks for your love! - Joanna

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