Monday, August 31, 2009

Another Lovely Treasury.

Here is another gorgeous vintage treasury, this time featuring my new Amelie Bridal Earring. My Amelies are packed with vintage charm and are so lovely in person. I love the colors and textures the curator combined with them in the treasury. I could see this translated into a wedding with a bride a dupioni silk gown, faded red cardigan and my Amelie Earrings with a groom in fitted navy suit with a vintage scarf and some great vintage dress shoes. Maybe the bridesmaids would wear vintage dresses in shades of faded yellow and bouquets of queen anne's lace. Of course their getaway car would be that killer green classic in the second row of the treasury.

If you have a second make sure you stop by the treasury and show some love. It would be a lovely front page.

Some Gorgeous Teasuries Today

My new Vintage Margeux Studs were featured in this treasury over the weekend and and I just love the muted tones, vintage details and slight provocativeness of it. My Margaux Studs are from vintage stock and feature the most delicate little marquise cut cubic zirconia. I think they would be so lovely as a bridesmaid gift or even a simple understated (and inexpensive) bridal earring. And the elements of this treasury could be so easiy translated into a wedding, the white vintage dress, the headband, bridesmaids in linen skirts, vintage centerpieces incorporating vintage drawing hands and vases and the vintage silk ring pillow.

One more gorgeous treasury later this morning. If you have a second head over and send the curator and talented artists some love with clicks and comments. Visit {Beckon} before it expires.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

New Bold Necklaces from Urban Rose

My favorite new bridal look (especially with a killer strapless dress) is big, bold, statement jewelry. Urban Rose (or Rebecca3030) is one of my favorite etsy designers. Her work has such personality and she does such fun things with color. Naturally, I'm always a sucker for repurposed and vintage jewelry and her work has such a unique point of view. So many of her pieces have so much potential as bridal pieces too. They are all one of a kinds and are really a steal for the piece of art you'll be getting.

Check out her etsy shop for more beautiful pieces and information.

Harvest Ring Pillow - By Cricketapollo

Ok, so it's not REALLY a "ring pillow" but I think this little stack of lavender sachets tied with the moss green ribbon would be so cute as a ring pillow for a handmade fall wedding. You can find the in cricketapollo shop for an unbelievable $10 for the pair! Added bonus that they probably smell amazing and are reusable as sachets in your lingerie drawer after the wedding.

More harvest goodies coming soon. I'm in a fall mood now that the kids are going back to school and the weather is cooling down. Can't wait to wear my new mittens!

Lindsey's Tips. Coming Soon.

(Photo courtesy of Jon Moser.)

I'm starting to get my thoughts together from the day of. Looking back there are so many things I'd like to share, things I wish I would have told myself before the wedding. I'm still waiting on professional photos from Christina before I share the details, but I do want to recognize all my amazing vendors and do a recap soon.

I've been super busy with the name change, working on real life (insurance, etc.) and getting my fall line at Lost & Fawned up and ready. I'm working on some new wedding posts to get up soon. I feel so awful I've been so MIA lately, but I'm sure you understand. ^_-

So getting back to business, I'm going to get back to work on posts for you guys. See you soon!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Coming Soon. New Fall Collection.

I'm currently working on my new fall jewelry collection for Lost & Fawned. It's kind of back to basics a little for me. My pieces for the fall and stripped down to delicate antique chains, lockets and faceted glass. I listed a few preview pieces including my lovely little Florence Locket. I have one myself and just love wearing it. It's so simple and delicate but has it's own charm and personality.

I ended up giving both of my bridesmaid lockets as a gift for being in the wedding. They loved them and I can't wait to find a lovely photo from the wedding to put inside them. Lockets have such a lovely sentiment to them. I love gifting them to cherished friends.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


(Photo courtesy of Jon Moser.)

We are back and married! The weather was amazing, everything came together, everyone had a great time and best of all we are husband and wife. I'm holding off posting too many photos here until I get our professional photos and the official go ahead from our photographer as we are submitting them to some magazines (just local ones like Oregon Bride and Groom and Portland Bride).

I will be resuming regular programming for now (lots of wedding goodies) but stick around for my post wedding photos.

Thanks for the well wishes!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Right now...

At this very moment we are getting married. Woot! All the planning has come together and Jared and I are standing in this spot saying our vows with our families and friends. Thanks for all you good thoughts and help as we've planed our wedding. See you again soon!

(Previously written and scheduled post.)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Signing Out: To Get Married

Sorry I've been so flaky about posting lately! It's just been a whirlwind since I got here and my mom and I have been super busy finishing up everything.

There is not much left to do! We stuffed out guest gift bags today an I am throwing the finish touches on things for kids to do, linens and welcome notes for the guests. Tonight we pack the car up for the coast and head out tomorrow morning after we pick up the hydrangea from a friend. Once we're at the coast we'll be setting up the tent and greeting guests!

Send good thoughts our way for good weather and no more shark sightings (that's right! They caught a great white yesterday in seaside. Only at our wedding...)! I'll be back online early next week! I'm not sure when we'll have photo teasers. I'll be sure to let you know how everything goes!

Welcome Buckets for Kids

My mom and I had fun filling buckets from ikea with goodies for my little cousins who are coming in from out of state. We filled the buckets with beach towels (ikea, only $2), ocean life finger puppets, books of animals from the pacific ocean, sand toys, beach hats, little bags for shells and more! They turned out so cute and I think they will really love them.

I also decorated some little containers of bubbles to give them at the wedding. They are super cute. I wrapped them in some extra fabric and added a ribbon (super quick and easy) and it instantly made the dollar store bubbles look a whole lot cuter.

Chalk Board Menu

Hi all! Now reporting from Portland, Oregon! Thanks for all the well wishes on my trip. Yesterday was the longest day ever (due partially to the time change of course).

Just wanted to share the BEAUTIFUL chalk board my mom scored off craig's list for our menu at the reception. I love the animal illustrations. It couldn't be more perfect. I'll be testing some different chalks on it this week to find one that works well on the old surface.