Wednesday, October 8, 2008

(Bridesmaid) Dresses

Want to save your ladies a buck or two and find them a dress that is REALLY re-wearable after the big day? As most of you know, once the "wedding" label is tagged on to any item the price is jacked way up. Bridesmaid dresses are no different. It was really important to us to find something that didn't look "bridesmaidy".

We found these adorable little numbers at Anthropologie for just over $100 (on sale shortly there after for $60). Not only are the super cute (and flattering), but they were high quality, different, versatile and cost less than most of the "bridesmaid" dresses we had looked at elsewhere. I'm encouraging the girls to make it their own by wearing whatever shoes and jewelry they want. They are both so happy with it and look fabulous in it.

So don't be afraid to check out regular mall stores with your ladies! Anthropologie, White House Black Market, Banana Republic, J Crew and department stores have great dresses for the same price or less than "bridesmaid" dress designers. PLUS you can order them online or even buy them in store and take them home that day.


Sarah said...

Those are adorable! I have been scouring Anthropologie for the longest for a BM dress for my friend's wedding, but her color is champagne, which is hard to find! We also need the dresses to come in plus size as well, so that's been a challenge. Thanks for the inspiration!

Lindsey Lu said...

I'll be featuring some more tomorrow! Check back!

Aevan Arts said...

we got ours at forever 21, and they're absolutely gorgeous. They're chiffon, organza and satin...and they were 12 DOLLARS!

Kim Gail said...

Wow.!! What a nice design. Well I too prefer re-wearable bridesmaid dresses. It’s a nice way to save money.

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