Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Etsy Art Inspired Pallet Three - Warm n' Crafty

Back to my etsy art inspired pallets (thanks for the comments, I love doing these too). This one is inspired by this adorable print by Lab Partners. Crisp white paired with spicy mustard, rust and bubble gum pink makes are great color combo for a crafty summer or fall wedding. For my picks for this pallet I will be selecting only handmade items via etsy.

This handmade mustard yellow dress by Kimenna would be so darling for your bridesmaids. And at $98 it's truly a steal.

For the bride, a handmade clutch from Red Ruby Rose. I love this one, covered in pink peonies and lined in red silk.
From Red Ruby Rose for $75.

My favorites, a custom cake topper from Goose Grease. Contemporary crafty goodness.
From Goose Grease for $50.

Headband by Myra Kim for the crafty bride or bridesmaid.
From Twigs & Honey, custom priced.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Real Wedding - Annie & Dave - Four

Finally, an epic post of photos from the reception.

And Annie's reflection on the day.
"Thinking back on the day, the one thing I remember most is the ambiance in the reception hall near the end of the night. The swing band was playing beautiful music, the Christmas lights were shining so perfectly in the hayloft, we were surrounded by so many people who we love, everyone was filled with good food and good beer, and I was married to the man I love."

Thank you so much to Annie, Dave and their photographer Peter Pawinski for sharing these stunning photos with us. I hope some of you can draw some inspiration from them.

Congratulations to the beautiful couple! We wish you the very best!

Real Wedding - Annie & Dave - Three

Annie's thoughts on choosing vendors:
"For things that couldn't be done by us or friends or family, we were sure to pick vendors that fit with us and our values. We choose a caterer that uses local, seasonal foods, got beer from a local microbrewery, had a swing band instead of a dj, and held the reception in a cozy barn instead of a hotel ballroom. We really liked and trusted all of our vendors, which made the day really stress-free."

Annie's custom hair accessories are by Myra Kim on etsy. I have very similar ones for my wedding. Great minds think alike.

One more post with some GORGEOUS shots of their cozy barn reception.

Real Wedding - Annie & Dave - Two

Here are some more beautiful photos from the ceremony:

Annie on on the DIY details:
"We have so many talented friends and family, so we were able to get so much done by people that we love. My sisters and brother-in-law did all of the music at the ceremony, my bridesmaids arranged the flowers (some of which my father-in-law grew!), my mother-in-law baked all of the cupcakes, our college friends served as decorators and day-of-coordinators, and one of my friends/cousin/bridesmaids wrote and performed a song for me at the reception. It really made the day so personal and wonderful. My husband and I also worked hard on DIY stuff for the wedding - most notably our letterpress invitations."

I love how all the bouquets, which were put together by Annie's bridemaids, are different but still coordinate well together. Dave's father also grew some of the flowers himself.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Real Wedding - Annie & Dave - One

I've been waiting for ages to post photos of this wedding. I had seen all the process photos and I was not at ALL disappointed when I saw the professional photos.

I love this wedding. It just makes me feel warm and cozy. All the details are so personal and the beautiful couple did a lot of the DIY themselves (including the AMAZING letterpress stationary and their wedding bands).

Their photographer Peter Pawinski did a beautiful job capturing all the details.

The couple purchased a letterpress and designed and printed their own invitations.

Annie and Dave had a special moment together before they got all dressed up.

They also DIYed their programs, purchasing a custom stamp and using gold ink to stamp on brown card stock.

They made this rings together at the Wedding Ring Workshop in Chicago.

First look. Annie's gorgeous dress was Diamante from Pronovias. It fits her figure like a dream!

Here's what Annie had to say about the over all inspiration for their wedding:
"Our wedding was really inspired by staying true to us. We have been to so many weddings that are just the same series of events with no life or heart to really celebrate the couple. After listening to one too many DJ's yell "All the single ladies on the flooorrrrrr!!!", we knew all of the things that we definitely did NOT want at our wedding. We stayed away from the wedding industry as much as possible, and just filled the day with things that we love: our closest friends and family, our favorite foods, our favorite music, and tons of crafts."
Stick around for more beautiful photos and details from Annie and Dave's wedding.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Thread Dresses

Tomorrow & maybe Monday I'll be posting some of my favorite dresses from Thread. I just love the contemporary styling of their dresses and the unique use of material. Here is a little preview of some of the weddings featured on their website. I love the white seersucker bridesmaid dresses in the picture below. A perfect example of how the bride will stick out and look special no matter who is wearing white.