Saturday, October 4, 2008

Saturday Pallet

Hey all.

No pretty pictures to share today, but I wanted to tell you all about my Saturday edition of "Lu Lu Belle" from here on out. On Saturday mornings I'm going to feature a new color pallet. Really that's it. Pretty simple. I love color. My dad worked for Sherwin Williams for 13 years (as well as ICI, Glidden and other paint companies) so for as long as I can remember I've been playing with color swatches and fan decks. I guess that's how I ended up in Interior Design.

I've got a few fall pallets in the work at the moment so next week I'll feature my first one. I hope some of you find one that helps give you a starting point. Have a great weekend everyone. See you Monday!

Lindsey Lu


Aevan Arts said...

Hi! I saw the gorgggggeous pallet you did for Hilary (I'm Idolchild in weddingplans) and I was wondering if you could possibly do an inspiration board for me? Please let me know :D thanks! Kat

you can reach me on my blog or at LJ

Lindsey Lu said...

Sure! If you would like to email me with some more info about your wedding (send pictures, etc) I'd love to put something together! My email is lellibee.1@go.ccad.edy

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