Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Picture Perfect Moment One: A Walk in My Shoes

I figured I would start a little series I will add to everyonce in awhile. I call these "Picture Perfect Moments". I guess they are sort of my "must have list" for your wedding day photography. Little moments I think should be put on film forever. So here we go in the first of these...

If you haven't yet figured this out, I'm really detail oriented. I think the details of an event (or space, if we're talking about my professional life) are what make it special. A growing trend for brides is to forgo the boring white, practical pumps and choose a shoe that reflects your personal style and injects some more personality into your ensemble.

As part of your must have photo list make sure you have your photographer capture the details of your dress and your accessories, particularly your shoes. It's almost poetic, the shoes you wear to take such an important step in your relationship.

These were taken by our photographer Christina Gilchrist out of Portland. I love the composition and think they really capture that quiet moment before the bride puts on her shoes, the finishing touch on her ensemble. Also, the landscape in the background of the first photo really puts it in a time and place. Not to mention the shoes are adorable!

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This Girl Asia said...

Those shoes are adorable.

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