Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Ugly Kitty - Wedding Invitations

As a design student the stationary was really important to me but I simply couldn't afford custom letterpress and don't have the time to do it myself from scratch (as much as I would love to). I happened upon Uglykitty's album when I was looking for ideas back when I planned on DIYing them. Her style was exactly what we were looking for and I loved that they were gocco printed (since I screen print a bit on the side).

This summer we paid out deposit and have started the design process with Renee who is fabulous and so accomodating (even with picky brides like me). She is so patient and creative. I can't wait to see out finished invitations. Here is some more uglykitty eye candy. Check out her website, album and etsy shop for more goodies.

PS: I also purchased one of her fabulous address boxes and I LOVE it. If she puts anymore on the market you ought to snatch one up.

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