Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Dress up the Dog (In a Tasteful Way)

Dogs truly are one of the family, especially for young couples. So including them in the wedding day is not uncommon. But one of the biggest crimes against dogs and weddings is the tiny tuxedo/white dress. I think a dog as part of the day, whether in the wedding or just present can add a very personal touch and even some humor. Dressing the dog too can be done tastefully with fresh flowers or just a big bow in a coordinating pattern.

(Photo by MERGE Weddings.)

(Photo by Tanja Lippert Photography)

(Photo by Todd Pellowe)

Hopefully our newest family member will be able to make it to the wedding. Meet Logan, our 14 week old Border Collie/Lab Mix we rescued a few weeks ago. I hope he can be at the wedding and if he does, I promise he will look tasteful. No tiny dog tuxedos (besides the one he already has on).
(Photo by Lindsey Lu)

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