Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Our Alternative Solution to Groomsmen Attire.

Those of your with groomsmen all overt he country can feel my pain on this one. We originally wanted to rent suits, but after hear the price, the hassel it would be to rent them for guys all over the country and how ill the fit was going to be we skipped the whole thing and looked for a new solution.

Jared will be buying a suit for the wedding day, but for the rest of the guys we selected this green v-neck from and are going to pair it with a white shirt, brown tie, khakis and a brown belt and shoes. The sweater is so light weight they should be much more comfortable than they would have been in a stuffy, ill fitting suit and it will cost them a fraction of what a suit would have. I think it will look really nice and be a great way to add some color to our wedding party too.

I spent all morning frantically calling every gap in the state of Ohio to locate and order these sweaters since they were taken off the website. Talk about a headache. But at least they are purchased and ready.

One more thing to check off the list.


Aevan Arts said...

that's a really cool idea - I have to find suits or something for people across the country and everywhere from 12 to 40 - I love this idea!

Hilary said...

Nice compromise. It is going to look very bohemian with a touch of preppy. I like.

UglyKitty said...

I love, love, love this!

Janell said...

This is such a good idea, I'm surprised I haven't seen it before!

ashley said...

Do you have any pics?? I am planning to do the same thing.

Lindsey Elisabeth said...

Ashley, soon!! I'm waiting to get the professional photos from our photographer. But it should be sometime in the next two weeks for sure!

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