Thursday, May 28, 2009

My Groom's Look

We finally ordered Jared's suit for the wedding. We knew from the beginning even though it was beach wedding he was going to wear a suit. And we knew that a black suit wasn't quite right for the feeling of our wedding. So we started hunting for a rentable suit in tan. The hiccup came when we finally found one, the smallest size they carried in pants was a 32 waist. Of course those had the horrible adjustable waist and he and his brothers would have all ended up looking ridiculous (add the fact the fit to the broadest measurement on the jacket and his broad shoulders would have caused him to be swimming in his jacket). So we decided to purchase Jared a suit and have the groomsmen wear this alternative.

This week we made a point to order Jared's suit only to find the original one we wanted was on back order until 4 days before the wedding. We were going to settle with a alternative fitting pant when I checked JCrew's sale section and found this suit. The Irish Linen Aldridge 3-button suit Jacket with the Suit Vest and Classic Fit Suit Pant, all on sale! To top it all off we had found a 20% coupon and saved even more. Jared is so happy that it's a 3-piece suit (he looks great in a vest) and I know he'll be happy with the extremely breathable linen in August. We'll have to make sure it's nicely pressed (as linen does wrinkle) but I think it was the right decision.

Now to find a good tailor and a nice crisp white shirt.


SunshineCityLassie said...

That's really nice. He's going to look so handsome!

lindseylu said...

We love this suit too! but the pants are on backorder until 2 months AFTER our wedding. would your husband consider selling his? he is the same size as my fiance...
Or do you know anywhere else I could find them???

Lindsey Lu said...

First off I was SO confused when I saw your comment was from "Lindseylu" since that's what my family calls me... "Lindsey Lu Lu Belle" actually.

And I wish I could help you but we had the pants DRASTICALLY altered to fit my husband (in the waist and legs) so we've put a lot of money into the suit and he's pretty attached to it now. Have you tried ebay? I don't think they carry them in store at all. Sorry, I wish I could be more help!

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