Thursday, May 21, 2009

Bonzie Bridal on Etsy

I've been eying Bonzie's etsy store for ages now and I just adore their deconstructed Victorian aesthetic. I was so pleased to see them as the recent featured artist and I just had to finally do a feature post. Ever since I saw the Fallen Angel Bolero (seen above) I have be DYING to see a real bride in it. I think it is so soft an dramatic and would give the right dress a very special and couture edge. And for a handmade garment, made to fit you that is this high fashion the prices are outstanding. I love all the ruffles, lace, pleated details and tulle. Each piece is so special and gorgeous and each has it's own character and story.

But of course they are not just for brides (And who says a bride has to wear white anyway?). Their colored pieces would be to die for on any occasion. They have some gorgeous jewel-toned boleros, scarfs, corsets and skirts that I would kill for.

Check out their blog, flickr page and shop for more lovely pieces.

Lots of Love,
Lindsey Lu

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