Friday, May 29, 2009

My Accessories

Our invitations aren't QUITE ready, but should be by early next week. So instead here are my other accessories (other than my earrings and bracelet which I've already posted).

Back when I purchased my Myra Kim Twigs and Honey pieces, they weren't in quite as high demand as they are today and I'm VERY grateful I purchased them when I did and as three separate pieces as I wasn't sure exactly what I planned to do with my hair. I'll be wearing two of these pieces tucked into the back of my hair so they are very subtle and saving one for my second reception.

My shoes were purchased a few months after I selected my dress and will look so lovely peeking out of the bottom on the beach. I knew I wanted something flat (I have enough trouble not falling on my face on a daily bases, let alone on a beach with heals) and gold and when I saw these on I snapped them up right away. They are by Poetic License.Hopefully I will have more to show you later this afternoon. All my other accessories are under wraps until the big day (so Jared can't see them). If something comes in the mail today though I'll have to share this afternoon. We'll see!

Happy friday!
Lindsey Lu

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Melly said...

Oh how sweet! It'll all look so lovely together.

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