Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Napkins (Yes, a whole post about napkins)

Being about 80 days out I am finally able to really get into the tiny details of the big day. Recently it came up I hadn't really considered napkins for the reception and I had to make the decision of paper vs. rented napkins. Neither of which really appealed to me. I didn't like the rentable polyester napkins in the generic color choices (they were all so dated, I probably would have just gone with white) and paper napkins were just... meh. Attempting to jazz up the paper napkins I was going to get some printed with our monogram and they were getting mighty pricey for something people were going to throw out.

SO when I went to finalize rentals, my mom brought up making my own napkins. I brushed it off at the time wondering when I would have the time to do that and not being able to justify the cost but last week I started pricing renting vs. buying paper napkins again and t relized both were going to be almost as expensive as making them.

So long story short, I spent all weekend perusing etsy's memorial day sales and managed to get a bunch of Amy Butler (Woot! Fellow CCAD Alumni and SUPER talented designer!!) prints for a resonable price. I'll be cutting them and either shipping them off to a seamstress to be finished off with a 1/4 inch rolled hem or doing it myself (with the help of Jared's mother). I think they will add so much color and texture to our tables. Hopefully people will take them home but what they don't I'll either quilt, sell or keep as a setting for our table at home.

Here is a sampling of a few of the 14 patterns we got...


Callie said...

Yes! Great picks!

My mom (in her infinite craftiness) bought a set of white fabric napkins and dyed them (RIT and coffee for just the right tones) so that they would work with our palate.
The fact that they are reusable and my favorite colors makes them a great part of my household for years to come!

heidi said...

If you don't mind them looking slightly less professionally-made, it would be a lot easier to just cut the fabric with pinking shears. I like the look myself, but I'm not sure how handmade you're wanting your wedding to look!

Your fabric choices are great! I love Amy Butler.

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