Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Photo Backdrop at the Reception

(Photo from Martha Stewart Weddings.)

As much as we would have liked to rent a photo booth, it just wasn't cost effective to get one out to the coast. I've admired this idea from a beautiful wedding featured on Martha Stewart's site for quite some time and finally decided on doing our own version of this.

Instead of the gorgeous Marimeko fabric featured in the photo above we are using this pattern from Amy Butler's Midwestern Modern 2 collection. We plan on hanging the fabric in one corner of the yard and will be asking my younger brother (who is a photography student) if he would be willing to hang out around the "photo booth" at least durring cocktail hour and take portraits of our guests.

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Annie said...

Yay! Some of our friends did this at their beautiful sunny wedding and the pictures are amazing! We attempted to do it, but it rained and was freezing, so we had to hang the fabric inside. The pictures are cute, but definitely not as cute as they could have been.

Your fabrics are super cute! Good luck!!

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