Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Things I'm Loving - Vintage Brass Cuffs

I'm recently fallen in love with vintage brass cuffs and have started stocking them in Lost & Fawned to share the love. I've never really been able to wear cuffs since I have petite wrists and most in stores are too big for me. But I am finding that the vintage cuffs come in slightly smaller sizes so I can wear them without worrying that the overwhelm my hand.

I currently have two styles in stock, the Ines and Aimee. I'm on the hunt for more but I just wanted to share these beauties with all of you. My new favorite accessory for this autumn and winter for sure. Happy shopping everyone!

1 comment:

noyab said...

I love these cuffs!
I have some beautiful cufs that my mom gave me from her trip to Marroco!
will send you pictures later :)
I have the petite wrists as weel....

have a wonderful day!

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