Thursday, October 22, 2009

New Treasury - Autumn Rose

Spent a little time this afternoon putting together a lovely autumn treasury featuring shades of rosy pink and ivory. I quite like this one though it was surprisingly difficult to find items in these colors that felt autumnal. I quite like the way it turned out though. If you have a second head on over here and give the artists some love.

Featured Artists:
1. Oh My Cavalier 2. Sea Pinks 3. Three Fish Shop 4. Emma Lynne 5. Sweet Petula 6. New Fashioned Whispers 7. Lunar Belle 8. Angelic Folk 9. Washimatta 10. Lynda Naranjo 11. Karlita 12. Imagine Art 7


Melly said...

Great selection! I lurrrrve musty pinks at the moment, although it's spring where I am right now.

noyab said...

beautiful list!

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