Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What is your favorite thing about autumn?

(Photo by Lindsey Fowler, aka. Me.)

Autumn is in full swing here in Ohio and I am ready for pumpkin patches, hot cider with cream cheese cake donuts, mittens, snuggling under quilts and fall colors. What are your favorite things about autumn? Favorite fall recipes, crafts, activities, etc?

Leave a message and let me know! I'm ready for a fall adventure!


Asia said...

Florida doesn't really get a full-blown Autumn, but I love seeing the old church down the road from us gearing up for it's Pumpkin patch and Autumn craft sale!

Annie said...

All of the things you mentioned + crisp fall mornings. And apple picking. And the smell of wet leaves. Oh too many things!!

I feel like I've been out of the loop of the blog world for too long! I think my life is finally getting a regular schedule, so I should be around more again. How are you?

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