Saturday, October 17, 2009

Early Winter in Red & Blue - A Treasury/Front Page

Yesterday at 2PM my treasury was featured on the front page. The inspiration came from the two red doors included, but morphed into an interpretation of late fall/early winter in the nontraditional combination of red and blue. I love how it turned out! It's fun and bright but also warm and cozy. I've been lusting over that rug for ages now. *Sigh*

1. Yeoldestuff 2. Thelittlereddoor 3. Highstreetmarket 4. Sweetlovevintage 5. Mickieandbetty 6. Crankheartpony 7. Kittynel 8. Snowfish 9. Snappyfishvintage 10. sushpie 11. Roxycreations 12. ThatSomething


Jessica Anne said...

I love that rug too!Highstreetmarket is a wonderful shop! Thanks for introducing me to it. What a beautiful treasury!

uisinger said...

Lindsey, I absolutely love this whole look. I never would have considered this color combination before, but when you put it up I instantly thought YES. It made perfect sense. So lovely!

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