Friday, February 13, 2009

Figs & Ginger - Bridesmaid Gifts

Now you all know I have a LITTLE thing for woodland creatures. Since last year I've had a MAJOR thing for Figs & Ginger (they are currently on vacation hiatus, but they'll be back). I happen to own both pairs of these earrings, the birdies and the fawns both in the silver finish (the patina finish is shown here) and I wear them daily. They are the perfect size to wear everyday, but are more interesting than a standard stud. All pieces are made-to-order with care and are made of eco-friendly sterling silver by a husband and wife team.

If you are looking for a little something to give your bridesmaids these would be a fabulous little gift. Heck, just pick up a pair for yourself. They are the most versatile piece of jewelry I've ever worn (besides my engagement ring of course).

(I'm apologizing now for this weekend's posts as they will be on the mushy side. You have been warned.)


dana said...

Bring it on! I can handle mushiness. =P

Besides, this is a wedding blog. People who don't like mushy probably shouldn't be here. ;)

Damiana said...

these earrings are so precious, they remind me of a pair of studs my fiance got me for christmas, i wear them allll the time

she has little ferns and clouds and and birds

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