Monday, February 16, 2009

Real Wedding - Joanna & Wyl - One

I'm so excited to bring you this wedding. I have been following Jo and Wyl's plans for awhile now and it's so exciting to see how it all came together in a beautiful Greek fall wedding. Everything about this wedding is perfection. Personal, cozy, well thought out and warm. Everything a wedding should be. They're photography was done by the Crasco Photography.

Here is what Jo had to say on the overall wedding theme's and details:
"Looking back at these pictures, I think I finally get a clear articulation of the feeling I was going for on our day. Up until now, I'd just been following my instinct as to what felt right and good... Your wedding day is probably the one day in your life when you have permission to be as mushily romantic as you want to, and I was going to take advantage of that! Every texture, fabric, color, and arrangement was meant to evoke a sense of lush, cozy romance. I wanted to invite our guests to be relaxed and comfortable in an intimate atmosphere.

The season we chose for the wedding (October) really dictated a lot of our colors and textures. The deep burgundies and chocolates, the damask linens, the wheat on the cake, the lace, the herbs and fruit in the arrangements - they all were evoked by the richness of fall. Wouldn't it figure that our wedding day was one of the hottest October days in a long time!

My main objective was simple: To have fun (and get everyone else to have fun), get married, and look good doing it. I was so happy to see all of our guests, most of whom traveled from out of state, having the time of their lives. I've never felt such love and happiness surrounding us, and it made the little stresses of the past months fall away."
Check back later for more pictures from the ceremony and reception.

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