Thursday, February 19, 2009


Hope you all are doing well.

I apologize now for the inconsistency of posting lately. My thesis paper got bumped up a week (eek!) and I have to present my paper to a panel this upcoming Tuesday! So needless to say, I'm working away on that all this week and weekend. I will try and post some things tomorrow or Saturday or at least get some stuff lined up for next week, but no promises.

Only 11 weeks until graduation and then I'm free to spend my time how I wish! Yay for crafting and blogging until I find a real job!

PS: Got a domain name and online portfolio set up. It's all starting to come together. Check me out at


Janell said...

I just wandered over from Snippet & Ink, but as a grad student I totally feel your pain on this one. Good luck!

Melly said...

Ha ha - the problem I face is trying NOT to craft and plan the wedding while trying to write my thesis. It's very, very hard.

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