Saturday, February 21, 2009

Tres Fabu Bridal of Portland Closing.

For those of Portland brides in search of a dress, Tres Fabu will be closing (their last day being TOMORROW) and all their sample dresses are 50% off! Including Pronovias, Watters and Maggie Sotteros. You may find an amazing deal if you go today or tomorrow.

For those of us (including myself) who had a dress there, make sure you pick it up by tomorrow! I'm really glad I didn't end up getting our suits from them now.

It really is a shame though. I hate to see places like this go out of business due to the economy. They were so wonderful to me there and I wish all the wonderful ladies who worked there the very best. I found my dream dress with them and I can't thank them enough for their assistance. Especially Destiny, she was such a wonderful girl and was so helpful.

In other news, all deposits have been officially paid! Woot! And back to my paper I go. Have a great weekend!


Sara said...

You're is sad to see these lovely shops go out of business.

hooray for all of your deposits being made! such a load off. what date is your wedding? mine is only 3 months away now! hard to believe!

stop by and say hello sometime :)

Lindsey Lu said...

Ours is August 15th, 6 months out last sunday. :)

I'll for sure keep an eye on your blog! I'd love to see how your plans are coming along! I hoppe you'll be posting photos of your wedding after it's all over.

Good luck with all your planning!

PDX Bride said...

I don't think it is sad that this store is going out of business . . . read this article . . .

They told me just a couple weeks ago that they could still order me bridesmaid dresses, apparently not!

PDX Bride said...

Ok, I am changing my comment . . . I guess they are not going out of business because of bad practices of the bad economy, but the owner has a health issue and has lost fingers!! I feel bad! Sorry.

Lindsey Lu said...

It's ok. I read that too after I posted it and feel very lucky my dress came in early in perfect condition. I have a hard time with news reports like that. I never know if they are sensationalizing the information (and if that's the case, shame on them) or if it's the truth (if that's the case, shame on Tres Fabu).

Regardless, there are a load of beautiful dresses on mega sale ready to be taken home today. Can't deny that!

paul said...

I'm from canada, and my fiance bought her wedding dress back in january... and we won't be back till april... Are you telling me that it has officially closed its doors? what is it doing for its clients? my fiance paid in full.. now were worried she won't get her dress! :(

email if you know anything please!

martha said...

My daughter purchased her Pronovias wedding dress at Tres Fabu for her wedding in September. So happy we picked it up. However, I paid $150 to have the dress altered and customed hemmed and guess what? It was never done. I had to pay an additional $285.00 because the dress was never altered. I am beginning to question if the dress we picked up was the store dress? Wonder if the dress was even ordered? No wonder it is out of business! Sad Sad Sad!

Anonymous said...

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