Thursday, February 12, 2009

Pre-Wedding Beauty - The Wedding Workout

Looking for something to help you whip yourself into shape? Don't have the time or funds for the gym? Tight on space? I started this workout 4 weeks ago as part of my new years resolutions and the start of my new health and beauty routine for the wedding. I figured I'd do a little review.

The way this DVD is set up is you can either choose to do a workout routine built for strapless gowns (upper body focus) or a routine built for fitted or short dresses (lower body focus). Each of these combines a series of segments into daily routines (one for each day of the week and resting on Sunday). So everyday you are focusing on different things (one day I do cardio and lower body, one day I'm working upper body, one day I'm focusing on abs & core, etc.). OR you can create your own workout with the a la carte style menu.

To make a long story short, I'm loving this DVD. It's quick and efficient and so far it's been effective. I'm feeling better, with more energy and looking better too. It's certainly not for dramatic changes, but if you use it consistently you should start seeing some areas firming and toning. I'm noticing changes especially in my hip and butt (which has always been a tough area for me to tone).

Plus, it has some cute segments about walking in heals, what to eat leading up to the big day and "enjoy your honeymoon" aka striptease 101. *wink*

So I give this an A so far. I plan on continuing it up until the wedding at least so I'm feeling confident and beautiful in my dress. You can pick this up on or anywhere else you buy DVD's. Hope this helps some of you.

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PDX Bride said...

I have been playing volleyball, trying to get back in shape for my wedding in August. It has been going really well (I've lost 12 pounds), but I just found out that after February there wont be any volleyball until June! Horrible. So I was just looking for something that I can do while volleyball is out. I think this might be perfect! Thanks!!

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