Monday, January 11, 2010

Estate Sale Treasures - Part Two

The next piece we found was Jared's discovery. Within the year he will hopefully be working from home and we're slowly buying pieces to build him an amazing home office. We found this fire-proof vintage filing cabinet for $35 and though it took a couple minutes to figure out how to open in (I wish I could show you the mechanics of how the drawers work) it's a pretty amazing piece. Plus, you can't get a new filing cabinet for under $50 these days and this one is built to last. I love the Telefacts emblem on the front as well.

We also got that drawer organizer on the coffee table in the foreground at the sale this weekend for a $1! It holds our remote control, coasters (from Peppersprouts) and library books and DVD's.

PS: Remember the lamps I got at an estate sale last fall? One is on top of the filing cabinet in the first photo. For now it just has a linen drum shade from walmart on it and it looks infinitely better.

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