Monday, January 11, 2010

Estate Sale Treasures - Part One

This weekend Jared and I hit up another estate sale on Saturday and got some fantastic deals. I figured I would share them today in a series of posts.

The first one is this amazing office chair. I am currently using a $12 Ikea desk chair that I got in college and is just about on it's last leg. We found Jared's amazing mid-century chrome and orange velor desk chair at an estate sale and have been on the hunt for one for me. We found this one this weekend for (wait for it....) $2! I love the chunky solid wood base and giant screw. It needs to be reupholstered and new padding (which I plan on doing myself) but it's in great condition otherwise. It looks to have been owned by someone named Alice at some point. I think I'll leave the label right where it is.

More estate sale finds coming throughout the day! We really made out well this weekend.


alexkeller said...

love it! and i'd go with a either a neutral color so it goes with everything, or do a really bright color to make it stand out - depends on what you want the office to look like:)

Annie said...

Great find! How do you find out about when/where estate sales are?

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