Friday, January 29, 2010

No. 4711

After reminiscing with my mom about my Granny's (Great Grandma who immigrated from Germany when she was a teenager) perfume my mom surprised me by sending a bottle of it to me for valentines day. I always remember her glass bottle of No. 4711 being so pretty. It's a very light scent and has clean citrus notes to it. As soon as I got the beautiful bottle in the mail I opened it and took a big whiff. Not only does it bring back so many memories but I love it! It's not overwhelmingly floral or too strong. It's a little fruity (Jared likes fruit smells). And it just smells clean and fresh.

I think I have a new signature scent borrowed from my Granny's good taste. Thanks mom!


c said...

The scent sounds lovely, (the bottle gorgeous too) will have to look into it now... thanks for sharing!

alexkeller said...

so fantastic! i love clean scents, too

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