Sunday, June 28, 2009

Creamy Coffee Treasury

My Rose Marie Locket was featured recently in this beautiful Coffee Inspired Treasury and it's a treasury I think could translate beautifully into a cozy fall or winter wedding. A lovely ivory dress with a soft knit cardigan, accessorized with my lovely locket and a soft updo with a lace headband. I would skip a full meal and do a pastry bar with a barista and a full coffee bar that would be starbucks to shame in place of a bartender. For a venue a snowy lodge with plush lounge seating and a big fireplace. For music a soft jazz band or accoustic guitar player (think Joshua Radin).

If you have a second, stop by the treasury and send some love in the direction of these lovely artists. They deserve it! I think I might do an inspiration board for thise wedding.

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