Friday, June 12, 2009

Destination Flower Solution - Mairzydozy

I know it's a Friday night and I know it's late, but I was browsing wedding yart sale items and I ran across Mairzdozy's shop. This seller has come up with a solution to getting flowers to a destination wedding that would be otherwise difficult to find a bouquet for. These bouquets (which come with matching groom's boutonnieres) are made of dried and silk flowers! I thought they were real when I saw the photos! She does custom coloring and these are made to order.

They are very reasonably priced in compairson to what you would pay for real flowers and right now for the yart sale, shipping is FREE so you could order them now and hang on to them until your wedding.

Have a great weekend everyone! Enjoy the yart sale and treat yourself to a little something handmade! It will make your day and an artist or craftsmen's!

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