Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fall Color Pallet

Sometimes I find inspiration in the strangest places (later today I'll show you where this pallet came from). I'm always looking for alternatives to more traditional fall wedding color pallets. This is my new favorite. It's so soft and still very modern. The wine is beautifully balanced by the soft cornflower blue, gray and oatmeal. I think blue thistle would be a perfect with these Jim Hjelm bridesmaid dresses and ivory roses.


Hilary said...

looks great. I love pallets. I suck at creating them, and consequently have no pallet for my pewter/chocolate/christmas red/ pink wedding.

I do have one that I got from Snippet & Ink that I like.

Lindsey Lu said...

Hilary, I'd love to put a pallet together for you. Color is sort of my thing and that combo sounds beautiful! Send me some pictures of things you have or inspiration and I'll put one together tonight and post it. :) Email is: lellibee.1@go.ccad.edu or you can contact me on LJ of course (this is Hilary from LJ, yes?)

Hilary said...

Yes, I am Hilary from LJ. You have seen my UglyKitty invites, right? We're going for the retro feel, but also very christmas.

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