Monday, September 22, 2008

just my facts.

Welcome to the first day of my blogging adventure.

This is just a little place to share all things I find fabulous in a variety of equally fabulous categories. I'll be posting daily about products and projects pertaining to the home, crafting, wedding planning, fashion, art and design and anything hip ladies like myself enjoy.

So why "lu lu belle"? My grandma has nick names for everyone. And since before I can remember she has called me Lindsey Lu Lu Belle, Lu Lu, Lindsey Lu or Lu Lu Belle. When I was younger I hated it. But in recent years it's really grown on me. Eclectic, feminine, soft in it's own way, trendy, lady-like and driven.

A lot will be things from my own everyday. I'm a 21 year old commercial interior design student with a minor in art history and fine arts (I'm a print maker and jewelry artist on the side). I'm also in the middle of planning my August 15th, 2009 wedding in Cannon Beach, Oregon to my very own prince charming, Jared.

So stay tuned! I have lots of lovely things in store.

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