Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Rings that coordinate but don't "match".

For our anniversary (which also marks our one year from the wedding date) Jared took me out to find my wedding band. He bought my ring from Jared's Jewelers (yes, Jared "went to Jared's". Ironic, I know) and we returned to find my wedding band to assure they were on the same insurance plan and since we were very happy with their services so far. My engagement ring is not a part of a set and is an unusual setting to begin with so I figured I would just get a simple band with little diamonds and maybe some mil grain to match and leave it at that. When we went in to look I tried on a few plain bands and they just seemed to be lacking that "something". The jeweler asked me to take a look at this band "for the heck of it" and as soon as I saw it I was sold.

I guess what I'm trying to get at is when you start looking for wedding bands don't worry about matching. Look for something that coordinates with your engagement ring and even enhances it. If you don't plan on soldering them together (we are not) make sure the band can also stand on it's own. Unusual pairs can often be the most beautiful.

I really think this also applies when you go to find your future husbands band. Jared doesn't get "excited" about much. But when I found this ring from robandlean on he actually was somewhat enthusiastic about it. It certainly doesn't match my set, but together I think there is a certain metaphoric beauty about the way look together reflecting the dynamics of our relationship.

Check out's article on selecting your bands for more tips. And perhaps I can get some of my favorite ladies out there to donate some pictures of their unusual sets for a future post.

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