Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Signing Out: To Get Married

Sorry I've been so flaky about posting lately! It's just been a whirlwind since I got here and my mom and I have been super busy finishing up everything.

There is not much left to do! We stuffed out guest gift bags today an I am throwing the finish touches on things for kids to do, linens and welcome notes for the guests. Tonight we pack the car up for the coast and head out tomorrow morning after we pick up the hydrangea from a friend. Once we're at the coast we'll be setting up the tent and greeting guests!

Send good thoughts our way for good weather and no more shark sightings (that's right! They caught a great white yesterday in seaside. Only at our wedding...)! I'll be back online early next week! I'm not sure when we'll have photo teasers. I'll be sure to let you know how everything goes!


Kate8085 said...

Enjoy it!!!!

Katie said...

hope you have a lovely wedding day and soak it all in!

Aevan Arts said...

Congrats!!! enjoy it - it'll go by wayyyy too fast!

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