Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Only 25 days to go.

We're in the home stretch! The wedding is in 25 days now and things are starting to come together. From this point forward I'll probably be doing frequent wedding updates. I'll try and litter in a few additional posts as well.

Jared's new ring is here and it's beautiful. Still a tiny bit big, but it will do. I love the way they work together and harmonize. It's very reflective of our personal style and relationship. The ring is from Ball and Chain on etsy.

Lots of DIY and antiques coming soon! I'll be heading out to Portland on the 1st to start dress fittings, hair and make-up trials and final vendor reviews.


meohmyoh said...

Ooooh how exciting!!! Have things started getting stressful yet? I'm a newlywed myself so it's fun to relive those feelings through your post :] I'm so happy for you!

PDX Bride said...

I am down to 18 days! But I am heading to Portland on the 1st as well! Can't believe how much I still need to do.

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