Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Groom Footwear

(Photo by Jose Villa)

We spend so much time these days searching for a fun shoes for the bride that sometimes we forget about the groom's poor feet! Grooms can have just as much fun with his shoes and socks as the bride. There are so many fun options for guys out there like boat shoes, oxfords and even a clean white pair of Converse Jack Purcells. You can also play with socks! Stripes, argyle or maybe a killer faux bois sock would be so fun for a groom as a little surprise when he sits.

We just purchased Jared's shoes from and ended up going with these cognac brown leather oxfords. They have a slightly old-school feel to them and will look balanced on his frame. I got him a pair of light blue and green argyle socks as well. I might be a beach wedding but that doesn't me he should be stuck in flip flops or barefeet.

More updates coming soon!

1 comment:

Kate8085 said...

Yeah, the poor groom gets left in the dust in sometimes.
My hubs and his groomsman all wore old school Vans. It looked great!
Love the ones you guys picked out!

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