Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Lost & Fawned is on Vacation.

Hi all,

Some of you may have noticed my shop, Lost & Fawned is in vacation mode at the moment. Since I'll be flying home to Oregon on Saturday and will be busy busy this week trying to finish up the last of our DIY for the wedding I will be unable to ship. And since I'll be in Oregon for 2 and a half weeks without my jewelry kit I will be unable to fulfill orders while I'm there. I will be reading my convos though, so if you would like to start something custom we can start working out the details.

My pieces have been popular lately! Check out the two front pages I was recently featured in:

Lots of cool things happening for Lost & Fawned these days. Not only did I purchase www.lostandfawned.com (could that mean a future website? Perhaps!) but my soon-to-be-husband and I have been working on a collaboration store featuring our illustrations hand silkscreened on to apparal, bags, artpieces, etc. After the wedding that will kick into high gear. I'll of course be adding in some options for brides to be (custom out of town bags, bridal party-wear that doesn't suck, etc.). Stay tuned for details!

I'll still be updating this blog while I'm out west since I'll be working on lots of final details and will have time to make some posts.

Thanks guys! <3
Lindsey Lu

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