Monday, January 26, 2009

Gift Registries.

Hello all.

Hope everyone had a wonderful week. I know I did. I'm back again. And just wanted to start the week off my sharing a few pieces from our registry we are very excited about. Naturally, gifts are not what are important to us (I would trade every single gift if I could instead have all our friends and family there with us) but since we do have particular taste we started a couple registries to help people out a little.

We registered at Crate & Barrel, Target and CB2. So far they have all been fantastic and we have been very pleased especially with Crate & Barrel's wonderful staff and selection. They even gave us the sweetest little glass heart bowl as a gift for starting a registry there.

Here are a few things we are really excited about (and will purchase in the end if they are not given to us. Woo hoo for registry completion discount!).


Katie said...

i love the green kitchenaid! I think I'm going to register for one just to pick a sweet color!

Hilary said...

Agreed! The green is very nostalgic. I got one in a cobalt blue.

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