Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I'm Back!

Hi all!

I'm back and ready to blog again! I hope you all stuck with me through the hiatus. I needed some time to finish my final and now I'm starting on my thesis (how exciting!). I am starting on a new line of art inspired color pallets and I'm working on some real wedding's as well. Expect some of those to roll around soon.

Here is a little sampling of the Boutique Hotel I just finished for my final. Here are just a few pages from it to give you an idea of what the project was like. I love how it turned out.

So more posts coming soon!
Lindsey Lu


Hilary said...

I missed you!! Glad you are back. Love the boutique project. Is it an actual hotel proposal or an exercise? Because Columbus really needs some cute hotels.

ps: I get married in 10 days.

Lindsey Lu said...

Hi Hilary!
No, it's not an actual proposal (I wish it was). It's a hypothetical proposal for the Hartman Building downtown.

Yay! I can't WAIT to see photos (and I know some people here are awaiting them too)! Are you doing a final update at weddingplans?

Hilary said...

I'd love to do a final update, but I am unsure. I hope so, but finals are here for me so it really depends on my writing progress.

I will at the very least send a "Hi, I get married soon" post.

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