Friday, November 13, 2009

I want to learn to crochet for two reasons.

(Photos from Yvestown Blog.)

First I'm tempted by those adorable amigurumi animals I'm seeing everywhere right now. We just bought a giraffe for our niece. I was looking at amigurumi books last night on amazon and when I wake up this morning and check my feed I find this tutorial from Yvestown. It's a sign. I hear if you are bad a knitting, crocheting comes easier. Any personal experiences? Tips?


Annabelle said...

Hi -

I tried knitting, but couldn't get the hang of it. Crocheting came much easier for me.

Good luck to you on your crocheting endeavor!


charcoaleyes said...

I also tried knitting, almost poked my eyes out, then tried crochet. Crochet went so smoothly.

If you want to try, I love the Happy Hooker book. It has great instruction on all kinds of things and some cute patterns. Its nice to go back to when I'm working on a different pattern

dana said...

I LOVE crochet. I liked knitting okay, but I find crochet much easier and more relaxing personally. You should do it!

I highly recommend the Happy Hookers Stitch n Bitch book... it does a VERY good job of teaching crochet, and has super cute projects in it.

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