Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What do you do to get in a creative mood?

"My Muse" Photo by The Blue Balloon (aka winter_mitts on Twitter).

Last week I had one day where I was just struggling to get in a creative and productive mood. To remedy it I went and took a shower and put on some clean clothes. For some reason I just can't get down to business and really work if I feel gross or really frumpy. I started thinking about how funny it was that we all seem to have our quirks.

I tweeted about it and asked my followers to tell me what they do to get in a creative or productive mood. It was really interesting to see the responses roll in.
Get off the computer. ROFLOL

Taking a walk and just being in nature tends to be very inspiring. Or going to a museum or art gallery.

Tea and music!

-I find watching TV really unproductive, so if it's on I always try to have something else to do with my itchy fingers!
-also, I never fail to be inspired by the awesome stuff other people create! Etsy is a mine of ideas and inspiration!

Definitely coffee and reading a few passages of poetry. Words always make me feel creative.

I look at color schemes, I browse brand name websites (gap, anthropologie, etc) for trendy items, I browse Etsy stores...

What helps me get in a creative mood is having my house all clean, then I can relax with a nice cup of coffee and create!

I turn on This American Life. Always works for me.
So what gets your creative juices flowing? Post it here in the response or tweet me about it! Next time I'm feeling like I'm in a creative slump I'll probably take a look at this list again and try some of these out.

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Marie said...

Thanks for this post, I love the ideas, particularly Gogovivi's suggesting of This American Life. I'll give Ira Glass a whirl next time I'm feeling stumped.
Thank you for using my photo, too!

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