Saturday, September 19, 2009

Where to go from here.

Lately I've been wondering where to go from here with my beloved blog. The professional pictures will be in soon and the second reception will be over so my adventure in wedding planning will be officially over once I get the finished wedding album. I think I will always love weddings and perhaps even someday peruse it as a career path if design doesn't work out. But for now I will be trying to distance myself from the wedding world as my priorities shift.

I will still be posting my professional photos soon. I will still be doing vendor reviews for our amazing vendors in Portland and elsewhere. I will still be posting pictures of our second picnic reception next month. And I will be sure to do a review of our wedding album once we finish that. I will also still be posting my favorite etsy finds, some wedding related, some not. But I also will be starting to write more and more about our adventures as a young, creative married couple, including my adventures in crafting, our attempts and failures in cooking, daily life as a young couple and I'd like to start doing some DIY tutorials as well and sharing my favorite recipes.

Somethings will change, but the flavor, style and handmade-ness of this blog will stay the same. Please share your thoughts on the changes and additions so I know what I can do to make our little slice of the blogdom more interesting. Comments help me evaluate what to post. So keep them coming.

Also a new layout is in order. So stay tuned for that.

Lots of Love,
Lindsey Lu

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