Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Welcome to my new studio.

I finally moved all my stuff up into the back bedroom. With Jared's help and a visit to a killer estate sale I've made myself a little space to run my etsy business and hunt for jobs. I'm happy to have more space to spread my stuff out and feel much more inspired to work in there. I also set up that killer antique green shelf by the window to photograph pieces in the winter. Those suitcases house all my random crafting bits, my grandma's old trunk is hoping to my shipping department and a vintage pear crate holds my over-sized books, silk screens and thread.

Sampson (our roommates cat) or Logan are frequently my assistants in there while I'm working. Hopefully the new space helps me produce lots of new pieces this fall.


The Artist Behind A.N. Original Jewelry said...

SO fun! I am dieing to have a real studio and vacate my current garage space. I have an office but it's hardly a studio...gah!

Enjoy your new work space!

Knotted Nest said...

Your studio photos are gorgeous. Mine is generally a disaster! Glad I stumbled onto your blog.

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