Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Vintage Cake Toppers

(Photo from Stacey Hess's photostream.)

I have always loved the idea of using an old family cake topper. They have such a nostalgic quality and they can be a great way to incorporate some family history into your reception. If you don't have a beautiful old heirloom topper in your family, there are plenty on that are beautiful and well priced.

This one is from My Fred & Ginger on etsy. I love this one. If anyone out there is having a red and gold wedding I thin you've found your topper.

I think this quirky little piece from Babette Bistro is so fun. It's from the 1920's and I'm sure there is a great history in it. I love the little groom with his glasses.

I think these from Ktrever are so darling. They are ceramic and the little blue touches are so beautiful.

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