Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Setting up my new space.

I've been busy busy busy moving into our new apartment and today I am nearly finished setting up my new work space. I need to sew a new cover for Logan's "den" as well as a new cover for the birdies but generally it's coming along quite well. I think I have set up a nice spot to photograph pieces and it's pretty well organized (with the exception of the closet which I'm setting aside for another day).

Meet my shipping and handling "department". A pear crate I found at an estate sale fits shipping envelopes and jewelry boxes quite snugly.

My cheering squad has been moved to the office from the bedroom and they seem to be pretty happy with their new home. Logan is learning to leave them alone and loves watching them (sometimes he gets a tad too excited and needs to walk away for awhile).

Meet our flock of finches, 3 of which we hatched ourselves). Pictured are Fred and Ron (the boys with the red cheeks) and Jane and Lydia (the two light colored girls in the left photo). I believe that is Olive's tail that is poking into the frame. They were very curious about camera.

My fabric collection needs to be organized as well. Right now it is on my cart in the corner covered with a sheet of linen I use to photograph. I haven't decided how to organize it yet. Perhaps I need another shelf. Any ideas?

So that's about it. My desk is a mess so it was omitted from this photo drop. Back to work for me! Have a lovely afternoon everyone!


HUzzah! Vintage said...

man! can you come organize my shipping department? (or maybe just create one for me?!?!)

Violet Bella said...

i love the crate for your shipping stuff, great idea! isnt it a wonderful feeling to get your work space all fixed up! congrats!

Amanda said...

I am so happy that you two just moved into your own place. Have fun, Lindsey!

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