Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas came early this year.

Jared decided there were a couple gifts I would want to use as we got ready for Christmas this year. He was right! He game me my new limited edition plaid Gingher fabric sheers first. I LOVE them and they are so much better than the crappy ones I've been using forever. I used them to make our new stockings first. I'll have photos of those later.

Next he gave me a large box wrapped in these adorable Zakka Japanese linens. He picked out a bunch of adorable fat quarters I can't wait to use on some little projects for the kitchen and maybe a little coin purse for me.

In the box was a special something I'll post later. It's AMAZING and I never expected I would have one so soon! I'm so excited. I'll give you a clue... it's pistachio green.

1 comment:

Melly said...

That can only mean one thing...the thing that's on every girl's wedding registry...

I have the pistachio one on my list too!

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