Friday, December 4, 2009

Exciting things...

So we are nearly officially moved into our new apartment. We started sleeping here a couple nights ago and tomorrow we will move the rest of our stuff out of storage and 100% be out of the old place. We are waiting for our sofa and living room furniture to be delivered but it SHOULD be here before Christmas at least. The kitchen is about the only room that looks like a real home so I spend most of my day in there working. I'll post more photos when it's looking less sparse and more home-like.

Also, Jared and I frequent a local pet store to get all Logan's food and such and for 3 months now they have had this one bunny. Every time we would go in we would visit him and marvel that no one have taken him home yet. Last night we went in to get Logan a new collar and walked out with a rabbit. Meet Col. Brandon, our new bun.
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